Why have a Peace University of the Middle East?

Peace is widely considered the leading concept for ensuring the well being, even the mere existence, of individuals, communities, and humanity in general. In political philosophy it is the fundamental aim of the state, and spiritually it is the object of prayers and aspirations worldwide, since the dawn of history. 

The University is the most advanced and respected establishment through which humanity performs research, develops knowledge, teaches and trains people for productive action and leadership in all fields which humanity hold as important.


However, there are around 15,000 universities worldwide, including around 100 national military academies, but there is only ONE Peace university, and very few Peace academic programs.

States and governments do not prioritize the establishing of Peace universities, creating this extreme disproportion between the consensual importance of Peace and the academic activity which promotes it.

Since humanity truly aspires to promote Peace, let us establish a few more universities for the research, education, training, and practice of Peace building. The Middle East Peace University (MEPU) initiative, works to establish a Peace university, second in the world, led and inspired by the people of the Middle East, in collaboration with friends from all over the world.

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