The Values and Operational Guidelines of MEPU 

MEPU will be based on a set of agreed fundamental values. Currently these are:

Democracy, dialogue and non-violence

in discourse and decision making processes


as the leading worldview for every central process in the university

Justice, freedom and equality

as integral to the concept of Peace

Inclusion, multiculturalism, and accessibility

to diverse human characteristics and worldviews

The fundamental values will manifest in organizational guidelines regarding structures and processes, such as:

  • A balanced share of staff, students and management will be Israelis and Palestinians (around 20% each). Activities - academic and other, will involve substantial (but not exclusively) collaborative work of Palestinians and Israelis (including joint teaching etc.), and direct access to Israeli and Palestinian Peace building work.

  • Fair and balanced representation, in management, teaching and studying - for women and men, religious and other affiliations.  

  • A physical location that will provide dignified and balanced access and security to all participants.

  • Integral mechanisms of transparency and collaboration in planning and decision making.  

  • Study programs that will contain compulsory basic components of Peace building (language, culture, history, religion, conflict mitigation, conflict transformation, Non Violent communication, etc.) 

  • Syllabus in all fields of knowledge will include aspects of Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping, e.g. legal aspects of Peace agreements and international treaties, policies of Peace and negotiations, social and individual psychology on conflict and Peace, historical study of Peace processes, economical aspects of  Peace and Peacemaking etc.

We invite you to go through our website for more questions and information, and to join the MEPU initiative