The path to develop MEPU ​

Currently, governments do not prioritize Peace universities. Therefore, In terms of strategic planning, MEPU cannot be developed as a top-down linear process, but rather as a spiral-like process, in which each round identifies and creates the opportunities and success factors of the next round.

MEPU will most probably start as a growing number of programs within the framework of existing universities, develop to departments, and gradually obtain the vision of an independent university.

As of today:


  • We have gathered a Kick-off Team, comprising highly experienced and professional Peace educators and activists from the area (Israelis and Palestinians) and the world. UPeace of Costa Rica, has agreed to collaborate closely with the initiative, and delegated a leading academic figure to the team. 

  • We registered a non profit, Salam B’yachad - partnership for the study, research and training for Peace, to serve as a formal, legal and financial platform for the MEPU initiative.​

  • We have a strong network of strategic partners - Israelis, Palestinians and internationals - to be involved and support the establishment and operation of the university.

We are looking to launch a Kick-off phase of around one year, that may be hosted by an existing organization in the field of Peace education, in which the Kick-off team will develop a comprehensive work plan and budget for launching MEPU, peaked with an international conference. We are now seeking funding for the Kick-off phase of MEPU.

We invite you to partner with us in promoting the vision of the

Middle East Peace University and turning it into a reality.