Supporters and Volunteers of MEPU
(in chronological order of joining)

Miki Kashtan - I co-founded Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC) and have worked with individuals, communities, organizations, and multi-stakeholder groups as facilitator, coach, consultant, and trainer as part of my commitment to the possibility of a nonviolent future; a world that works for all. Recognizing the immense potential of MEPU to become a seed of transformation in the Middle East, I supported this initiative in its early stages through hosting Eden in my workshops as well as holding discussions on developing the conceptual framework and fundamental values of the initiative.

Dr. Gal Harmat - Being a student, activist, researcher, and professor of Peace education, I can testify to the dramatic impact of professional higher education in the fields of Peace and Peace building - on the lives of people around the world. I'm deeply convinced we need much more academic level Peace education worldwide, so when I first heard of the MEPU initiative, I was very happy to answer the invitation by Amin and Eden to support and participate in it, through sharing of my experience and advice, connecting to people and organizations, discussing conceptual and practical components, and joining the MEPU kick-off team. 

Volunteers of 'Salam Be'yachad - partnership for research, study and training for Peace' (registered non-profit):

  • Board (along with Amin Khalaf and Eden Fuchs) - Gal Harmat, Mustafa Shala'ata and Nabila Espanyoli 

  • Audit Committee - Haytham Masad and Yigal Simon

Dr. Evan. Elizabeth Praise - I am a mother, a believer, a social activist, and the founder of the ISHIBA organization in Nigeria. I met Eden upon his visit to Abuja in 2018, and we shared our stories and thoughts about Peace building and social change. I told him I would like to help sow the seeds for the Peace University of the Middle East. He accepted my contribution, and I was extremely joyful to be able to meet Amin and Eden in Bethlehem and make another contribution, when I visitied the holy land a year later. 

Alice Krieger - As part of my pro-Peace activities, and more-so over the last decade, I host a sort of  “Left Wing Salon” - a traditional Friday night dinner with up to 12 at the table nearly every week. Guests include diplomats, Israelis of all faiths, representatives of Peace NGOs and when possible Palestinians.  For many diplomats this is their first encounter with “the other side” and in a relaxed, off the record atmosphere. The Israelis tell of their work and the Palestinians their narrative, which many of us have never heard, and they are involved in Peace building. I am delighted and honoured that either Eden or Amin participate most weeks as I feel the importance of their being able to talk about their ambitious initiative and answer questions the diplomats may have. They can then arrange to meet further and discuss ways that their governments may perhaps support the Middle East Peace University initiative.

Avi Deul - I was born in Tel Aviv in 1956. In recent years, I have been actively seeking to bring Israelis and Palestinians together for peace and reconciliation. I volunteer with the MEPU initiative helping with correspondence, resource development and partnership development. I also volunteer with "Road to Recovery", assisting Palestinian patients, especially children with cancer, to get from checkpoints to Israeli hospitals and back, I am an active member of "Standing Together", which aims for social justice, equality between Jews and Arabs, and peace, and I volunteer translating stories written by young Palestinians to the "We Are Not Numbers" web site to Hebrew, allowing young people in our societies to acquaint with each other. 

Smadar and Amitay Korn - For us "Peace" is a word that has been understood by people as anything between a Messianic period to a threat. It is time to go back to the basics. We realize the hard work it takes to define "Peace", to promote Peace, and are happy to participate in peace building activities ourselves. We know Eden and his involvement in Peace building, we are familiar with Amin's wonderful achievements in 'Hand in Hand', and were very excited to learn of the Middle East Peace University initiative they are pushing forward together as partners. We decided to make our modest contribution to the initiative at its early stages, allowing Amin and Eden to bring it to the kick-off phase, and from there hopefully - to a reality.