What is a Peace University of the Middle East?

A Peace University is an academic institute, which holds activities of education (teaching and learning), research and development, and training - in various fields with a common identity, raison d’etre and purpose - promoting humanity’s capacity to create and maintain Peace.

The MEPU vision - creating a unique oasis in a region of conflict - the Middle East, one which embodies a culture of dialogue, partnership and Peace, and fosters these among local and international students and staff, through accredited learning, training and research related to Peace, laying sound foundations for future leadership, and spreading awareness, professionalism and inspiration in the region and the world. 

MEPU will be based on consensual, fundamental values. Guidelines, structures, actions and processes will be measured in view of these values.


MEPU will host students - Palestinians, Israelis, residents of the region and the world, Muslims, Christians, Jews and members of other religions - with balanced representation. MEPU will be a safe space, laboratory, and nursery in which people in conflict, along with partners from the region and world, will interact and collaborate on building a sound infra-structure for Peace.

MEPU will be a multidisciplinary endeavour that will promote Peace through various fields of knowledge, e.g. law, business, education, environmental development, technology, economics, psychology, arts, science, religion, community interaction, and more. 

MEPU will offer prestigious and attractive, physical and online programs, that people, organizations, and governments will be proud to be part of, disseminating a climate and culture of Peace, combined with commitment and collaboration to promote Peace, directly and through other venues.  

We invite you to go through our web site for more questions and information, and to join the MEPU initiative